Youth Engagement Program and Curriculum Catalog

The QIC-EY Youth Engagement Program and Curriculum Catalog highlights programs, frameworks, and training curriculum that support the promotion of youth-adult partnerships in child welfare systems. Each profile in the catalog includes:

  • a general description of the intervention/model, training curriculum, or framework,
  • the intended audience and targeted age group,
  • considerations for implementation,
  • purveyor contact information and
  • relevant resources.

The Catalog is designed to share promising ideas and programs with systems and agencies who seek to improve the engagement of children and youth in their own case and life planning. The Catalog is not intended to serve as an evidence-based review system, and inclusion in the Catalog does not constitute an endorsement, promotion, or approval of the intervention by QIC-EY or the Children’s Bureau.

Often times, youth are silenced through programs, case workers, separation, and extensive uncertainties. We can change this by allowing youth to be seen, heard and listened to and providing youth with the tools and support to become part of the team and decision-making process. No one understands what a child has been through or needs more than the child themselves. Systems need to allow children to dream again, to believe, and most importantly to be the voice of the unspoken.

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